L. Frank Baum (1856.05.15)


FRANK BAUM ON CROSSCURRENTS, 5/15:  The Land Of Oz was created by its author, L. Frank Baum who was born on the date in 1856. You are invited to join us as we are “off to see the wizard” heading down the “yellow brick road”  to Crosscurrents, 5/15 at 8 am.

Playlist may include songs by The Tinmen;  The Big Little Lions;  The Scarecrows;  Dorothy;  and The Red Shoes.

Sir David Attenborough (1926.05.08)


ATTENBOROUGH ON CROSSCURRENTS, 5/8:  Famed natural historian and English broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough was born on this date in 1926.   Sir David’s life has been devoted to preserving the diversity of our world’s wildlife and his birthday will be celebrated with music (and no leopards) on Crosscurrents, 5/8 at 8 am.

Playlist may include:  Just Can’t Go To Sleep;  Flowers on the Wall;  Puff, The Magic Dragon;  Snake Oil;  Gone, Gone, Gone;  Happy Feet;  Express Yourself;  Wild Wild Life;  and… other Attenborough inspired tunes.

Joseph Heller (1923.05.01)


JOSEPH HELLER ON CROSSCURRENTS, 5/1:  The satirical novel “Catch-22” was authored by Joseph Heller born of this date in 1923.  The Heller birthday has your seat reserved on a B-25 with the only “catch” of tuning into Crosscurrents, 5/1 at 8 am.

Playlist may include:  Blowing in the Wind; Universal Soldier; Waist Deep in the Big Muddy;  Ain’t Marching Anymore; Times They Are A Changing;  Jerusalem; Fish Cheer;  Ohio;  All Along the Watch Tower;  Fortunate Son;  Turn Turn Turn; Volunteers of America;  Generals and Majors;  Orange Crush;  Catch-22;  Fiddle and the Drum;  Give Peace a Chance;  Give Me Love; For What Its Worth;  Whats Going On Here;  and… The Wall (along with some other crazy surprises)

Sir Henry F. Royce (1863.03.27)


HENRY ROYCE ON CROSSCURRENTS, 3/27:  Rolls-Royce Ltd. entrepreneur, designer of luxury car and airplane motors , Sir Henry Royce was born on this date in 1863.  Gavin and Wyatt hope to convince Sir Royce to give them an outing in his Rolls-Royce.  You are invited to travel along the “membership drive” as the perfect “vehicle” for the Sir Royce birthday on Crosscurrents, 3/27 at 8 am.