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Labor Day & Dogs (2017.09.04)


LABOR DAY & CROSSCURRENTS, 9/4:  The first Monday in September, honors the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  Gavin and Wyatt have joined some iron workers in the air for an on-the-job lunch as you are invited to join the on-air celebration on Crosscurrents, 9/4 at 8 am.


JOAN BAEZ (1941.01.09) / Richard Nixon (1913.01.09)


BAEZ AND NIXON ON CROSSCURRENTS, 1/09:  Their politics were dissimilar though they had a similar birthday as they were born on the same date, Joan Baez in 1941 and Richard Nixon in 1913.  Gavin and Wyatt are a peace with Joan on the rock wall with Richard watching from out in right field.  You are invited to observe the disparate birthdays of Joan Baez and Richard Nixon on Crosscurrents, 1/09 at 8 am.



CROSSING ON CROSSCURRENTS, 12/26:  Commanding a column of the Continental Army toward an attack on Trenton through horrendous conditions, George Washington successfully leads his troops across the Delaware River on this date in 1776.  Gavin and Wyatt make the shoreline with only nine miles to Trenton.  You are invited to commemorate this courageous crossing with music from New Jersey artists on Crosscurrents, 12/26 at 8 am.

B.B.C. WORLD SERVICE (1932.12.19)

MPs Vote To Decriminalise Non-Payments Of TV License

BBC WORLD SERVICE ON CROSSCURRENTS, 12/19:  Transmitting overseas via short-wave, the precursor of the B.B.C. World Service started on this date in 1932.  Gavin and Wyatt rest in front of the B.B.C. building though John is not napping in the KRNN studio.  You can hear some uniquely British tunes for the World Service anniversary on Crosscurrents, 12/19 at 8 am

Wright Bros and Santa (1903.12.17)


WRIGHT BROTHERS AND SANTA ON WTBA 12/17:  Many historians credit the Wright brothers with the first powered flight of 120 feet on this day in 1903.  Other storytellers depict the seasonal flight orbiting the globe of Santa Claus occurring every year .  You are invited to celebrate both flights of the Wrights and of Santa with blues tunes on “Walkin Those Blues Away”, 12/17 at 5 pm

JOHN JAY (1745.12.12)


JOHN JAY ON CROSSCURRENTS, 12/12:  Author of the Federalist Papers, President of the Continental Congress, principal negotiator of the treaty ending the American Revolution, and first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Jay was born on this day in 1745.  Gavin and Wyatt take a stroll at Jay’s home on his birthday.  You can take a listen to John’s show on Crosscurrents, 12/12 at 8 a.m.

MARTIN VAN BUREN (1782.12.05)


MARTIN VAN BUREN ON CROSSCURRENTS, 12/05:   The first U.S. President who was never a British subject, he was politically adept though economically inept, Martin Van Buren was born on this day in 1782.  Gavin and Wyatt dine with the eighth President at the White House.  You will find John in the KRNN studio for the Van Buren birthday on Crosscurrents, 12/05, at 8 a.m.

WILLIAM BLAKE (1757.11.28)


WILLIAM BLAKE ON CROSSCURRENTS, 11/28:  An English poet, engraver, an inspirational and rebellious character in the poetry and imagery of the Romantic Age, William Blake was born on this date in 1757.  Gavin and Wyatt spend a moment on the sofa with the great poet.  You are encouraged to join John on the radio for the Blake birthday on Crosscurrents, 11/28 at 8 a.m.